Four Reasons To Host An Estate Sale To Get Rid Of Your Deceased Relative's Items

Posted on: 30 November 2017

If a family member recently passed away and you've been tasked with handling the estate, you may be wondering what to do with all of the items nobody in the family wants or needs. Selling them yourself may take forever, and you can't just keep them all! A great approach that works for many people is hiring an estate sale company like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC to host a sale in the home. Here are four reasons why arranging an estate sale is often a good approach.

1. You don't have to plan a thing.

You're probably already overwhelmed after having dealt with a funeral and the grief of a loved one's passing. Organizing yet another related event can feel overwhelming. But when you hire an estate sale agent, they do everything for you, from advertising to setting prices. You can start relaxing and getting your life back to normal while the estate sale agents take care of this one last burden.

2. They can sell everything.

If you were to sell the things yourself, you may not know what to do with certain items. Who do you sell an old fork set to? What do you do with someone's old sheets? An estate sale agent will know where and how to sell everything possible. If certain items don't sell at the actual estate sale, they will generally pay you a small fee, and then take those items with them to sell later on at auctions and flea markets. You can count on everything finding a home at once -- rather than having to continually find new buyers for one thing at a time.

3. You don't have to move anything.

Those heavy pieces, like sofas, beds, and dining room tables, can be tough to move. If you were to sell everything yourself, it would be on you to carry the items out of the home. But when you hire an estate sale agent, they (or the buyers) take care of the back-breaking labor for you.

4. You should not have to clean or prepare items.

Most estate sale agents will show up to the home a few days before the actual sale to clean anything that needs cleaning, sort through items, assign prices, and so forth. This keeps you from having to clean and polish anything, which can not only be physically tiring, but may also be emotional since the items were owned by a deceased loved one.