Tax Preparation No-Nos And Okays: What You Should Know

Posted on: 15 July 2019
Tax preparation should never be a complicated process. However, you might be surprised about some of the things people do while not realizing that they should not have done that. There are also some things you can do that most people do not realize are perfectly okay to do. Here are some no-no and okay situations that you should be aware of in regards to your tax preparation services.  No Processing of Taxes Without Full Information
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Don't Panic About These Common IRS Notices — Do This Instead

Posted on: 15 May 2019
After tax season is over, some taxpayers will receive correspondence from the IRS. While this prospect is often scary, there is no need to panic. Here are the five most common letters that you may see after filing your income taxes, as well as what to do next. CP12. This letter notifies you that you likely made a math error on your return. The result was that you overpaid taxes and are due a refund.
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Need Cash Flow? 4 Steps To Improve Your Chances Of Securing A Small Business Loan

Posted on: 10 March 2019
If your business needs a influx of cash, it's time to apply for a small business loan. A loan will give you access to the funds you need to invest in new equipment, expand operations, or take care of other needs related to your business. Here are four steps you need to take to ensure success when you apply for a loan. Start With a Plan for Your Business
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Tips For Financing And Managing A Small Farm

Posted on: 18 December 2018
Owning a small farm can provide you with a comfortable and peaceful home while also providing economic opportunities. However, the process of buying a farm can be different from buying a normal home or a standard commercial property. Individuals that are looking to make this type of investment should be well-served by increasing their understanding about some of the key considerations and steps that come with buying a farm. Appreciate That Farm Financing Is A Type Of Business Loan
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