Four Ways To Jeopardize Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Workers' compensation benefits are required to be provided by employers, and they can be a lifesaver if you find yourself with a workplace injury. But if you haven't taken time to learn about the extent of these benefits and what can jeopardize them, you can quickly find yourself in hot water. Keep reading to learn about four things that can jeopardize your claim:

Not Filing the Claim Early Enough

There is a limit for filing the initial workers' compensation claim, and it differs in every state. Some states give you years, and others give you a matter of days. Definitely look at your state's limits as soon as you find out that you have an injury resulting from a workplace accident. Note that the limit for reporting an injury to your employer and the limit for opening a worker's compensation claim are two different things; both are important for you to know.

Not Following Up on Medical Appointments

Workers' compensation extends income benefits to those who are injured. In return, they expect for injured workers to seek out the best medical treatment they can in order to limit the time it takes for them to return to work. If you have an injury but haven't done much in the way of medical appointments, definitely speak with the physician handling your case to see what your treatment plan should encompass. It may amount to several doctor's visits per week, but these are really important for keeping your claim open.

Posting Questionable Items on Social Media

Any time you're receiving compensation for an injury, you can expect for insurance adjusters or investigators to try and gather information about you. Social media is an easy way to gather this info. If you post pictures of you that suggest that you're not truly injured, you could run into some trouble.

Assuming Paperwork Was Submitted

You and your employer must work out who is responsible for submitting what paperwork. The same goes for you and your doctor. Don't assume that paperwork was submitted; follow up to ensure that your file is complete.

If you feel that you have committed any of these errors along with your workers' compensation journey, please reach out to a worker's compensation lawyer to get a consultation. They can help you estimate whether any damage was done by your actions and get you back on track to a fair and easy claim.

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